Bass Pro Black Friday – Update

This post will require me to do a little “moonwalking”, i.e.backing up on a previous post.

After leaving Bass Pro Savannah on Black Friday, I sent an email to corporate describing my experience.  Within a couple of hours I received a reply asking for additional information.  Unfortunately, by the time I saw the email from Bass Pro, it was after business hours.  I waited until Saturday to provide the requested information thinking someone would act on Monday.  But I assumed incorrectly.  A call came in Sunday morning from Chris, one of the managers at Bass Pro.  He apologized for the confusion and stated that, despite having 70 pistols in stock, all of the “blue” tickets were given out between 3:45 and 4:15 am.  The latter is when I arrived at the store.  However, he did say that there was one 9mm pistol left over (from a duplicate order) and offered it to me at the Black Friday price.  I took him up on the offer.

Outstanding follow through by Bass Pro corporate and Chris.  My thanks go out to both!


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