Bass Pro Black Friday Debacle

Typically I avoid the teeming masses who drive the Black Friday  shopping frenzy.  But on this occasion, and armed with the ad for Bass Pro , I made the journey.  Arriving 45 minutes prior to the 5 am opening, the long line of shoppers made me fear I was already too late.  But I stuck it out and by 5:10, I was downstairs and in the gun department.   Scanning the sales counter I found a ticket dispenser and I pulled “91”.  Unfortunately they were on “68”.  Killing some time, I wandered around looking at other sale items.  Then I noticed several customers looking at Kimber pistols and they all presented a second “blue” ticket.  When I inquired at the register, the cashier informed me that they were out of pistols already.  It was now 5:15.

Here’s my beef:  1) Make it clear what the procedure is regarding the second “blue” ticket. 2) Plainly state the “Quantities are limited”.  3) Allow “rainchecks”.

What a disappointing experience!


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