FEOLI (Former Employees of Office Logic Inc aka Former Employees of COMDOC)

In late 2012, I was employed as the VP of Operations for Office Logic Inc. (OLI) in Savannah.  A copier sales organization, with four branch locations plus the Savannah headquarters, OLI can trace it roots back to 1979.  Over the past several years, the company had suffered from a lack of leadership and direction as the owner, Mike Strum, attempted to wrestle the corporate beast single handed. And while Strum appeared to be firmly in control, OLI had many life threatening issues, most of which were driven by a lack of cash.  The rest were directly related to Strums’ desire for complete and absolute control coupled with an unique inability to manage and/or make rational decisions.

My original goal with this post was to build a case study of gross mismanagement and corporate narcissism. But that was then and this is now [borrowed from That Was Then, This is Now by S.E. Hinton] and I’ve moved on. The fact that Strums’ company has changed names three times in five years says it all.  RIP “COMDOC’; RIP “Office Logic”; and welcome “ECOMDOC”, the latest iteration. Don’t change your business model, just the name.  The Savannah / Charleston business community will catch on eventually and run Strum out of town.  Or maybe he’ll just change the company’s name yet again.


3 thoughts on “FEOLI (Former Employees of Office Logic Inc aka Former Employees of COMDOC)

  1. As a former employee during that time frame, I too can attest to the horrible management of Mike Strum. The over all dishonesty in the way he forces the people that work for him. This man has manipulated the business community of Savannah, the employees that he has brought from all around the country and ruined their lives and his own family.
    Its a ridiculous business model to think that a name change will bring about a change. The name of the business is NOT the problem, the name of the OWNER is the entire problem.

    • No question that the owner is the problem. A pathological liar and master manipulator, Strum will survive the way I imagine cockroaches would survive a nuclear holocaust. Strum is also the reason my taste in TV shows and movies has changed. Before Strum, I was a fan of the fantasy based genres, i.e. sci-fi & horror. Of those, the horror genre held particular fascination for me. Lurking in the darkness were demons, ghosts, and even Lucifer himself. After Strum, I realized that evil, no matter in what form it held, would never stay in the shadows. Evil looks like you and I; It moves across the Earth in the open, in the daylight. It wants to be seen and heard. Evil doesn’t feed on fear, it feeds on weakness. And only in the open can it find and exploit our weaknesses. Strum is evil, which may sound melodramatic, except that it is true. He finds our weakness and proceeds to suck the life out of us until there’s nothing left but an empty shell.

      But there is hope and life after Strum. And I believe that he will get what he deserves. Eventually…..

  2. I am also an ex-comdoc-ian. 6+ years and it was a crazy and ridiculous ride. All these statements are accurately representative of how Mike runs that company. He runs it into the ground and then finds more fools to invest and more people to accept employment. He is methodical with his business practices that skate a criminal line. The methodical hiring of CFOs and then firing them exactly 6 months to the day of the hire date is notorious.

    Commissions and bonuses and all compensation are things he uses as play things, ways to manipulate and defraud his own employees. The concept of “incentive” is a concept that he wholly and utterly does not understand.

    I have frequently told people that my time at the variously named and branded company copier company owned by Mike Strum was essentially tantamount to being in an extremely abusive relationship. The psychology of victims of physical, verbal, and domestic abuse is VERY similar to that of the ex-COMDOC-ian. Trusting an employer will never happen again for me. Even as I enter a new profession, forgetting the abuse I experienced at COMDOC will never dissipate.

    I greatly appreciate that this conversational exchange has been formally initiated in full public view.

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