Making Time

Time marches forward in an inexorable fashion.  A recent post addressed my upcoming birthday and some of the changes I’ve experienced in the last few years.  This birthday is also forcing me to reflect on my life and how I want to spend my remaining years.

Part of this exercise in introspection is to develop an appreciation for all the good that surrounds me but that I often take for granted.  Here is one example:  Today is my 5th wedding anniversary.  And while Janet is not a “morning” person, she joined me today for a walk to our dock since I intended to take a few pictures of the breaking dawn.  Arriving just as the first bits of the sun became visible, Janet took a spot on the bow of our boat while I stayed on up on the covered part of the dock.  We didn’t say too much as the sun rose.  The event said it all.   On the walk back to the house, I had a couple of thoughts:

  1. I must do something positive for myself and Janet each day.  SImple is best.
  2. I must be intentional in my desire to appreciate my life, my family and those around me.
  3. I must remove or go around any obstacles that inject negative feelings or create negative situations.
  4. I must challenge my core beliefs by accepting that God knows what’s best for me more than I know what’s best for me.

Here are a couple of the pictures.


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