Correction to “What’s It All About”

Memory can be a fickle thing.  I recently ran across Pop’s version of the Little Orphan Annie Flying Club story.  It was different enough that a clarification / correction was in order. First, Pop saw the LOAFC on a cereal box.  POST cereal to be exact. His mother, my Nana, helped him fill out the “membership” form.  Second, the cost was 25 cents, not a dime.  This may not seem like a big difference, but at the time Pop and family were living in a 2 1/2 bedroom cold water flat.  There was a bare bulb hanging in the kitchen and the refrigerator was coin operated.  It was Pop’s recollection that you got 8 to 12 hours out of a quarter.  The LOAFC incident, and the realization that he had been “screwed by the cereal company”, made Pop painfully aware of all the times his parents scrambled to have a quarter for the refrigerator coin box.


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