No, That’s Not Harry Palmer, That’s My Father!

An obscure reference but fitting anyway.  Harry Palmer, a fictional spy played by actor Michael Caine, was the central character is a series of five movies in the mid’60’s.   And this is a great seqway to this post.  For those of you who read Pop’s obit, a vague connection to the CIA was mentioned.   It seems he did a bit of recon work, not only in Saudi Arabia, but whenever he travelled abroad. 

As Pop’s health deteriorated, I encouraged him to write his memoirs.  He stopped well short of that task, but he did manage to spin a few tales.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll post bits of his stories

 The photo on the right was taken at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Musuem.  I was attending City University in London at the time and Pop was at the Hague on “business”.  We met up in Amsterdam for the weekend. My memories, besides M. Tussaud’s, was a great dinner at an Italian restaurant, a visit to the Van Gogh musuem and a taxi ride through town and by those wonderful canals.   I didn’t see any of the brothels, but I did see a hardware store with a display of switchblade knives, which I thought was very progressive.  You may note a strong resemblance between Pop and Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer character.

The young man behind Pop is me.  The other two gentlemen are Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of Germany and Pope Paul VI.


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